I was scrolling through my Twitter when I came across something that had me boggled. So, not long ago El Paso's shutdown order has been extended until December 1. Well, lately as you have seen through all sorts of sources about how some places aren't following orders. Well, one local Westside restaurant went against orders and remained open for dine-in service. An old high school friend of mine, Ivan Aguirre happened to witness something while he was picking up some grub. He was caught in the middle of something that some of us would believe is unfair. He got a snippet recording of the El Paso Police officers writing up a citation for the business allowing dine-in service. Now you would think that the owner of the restaurant would be cited but didn't happen that way. Instead, the manager who was in charge was the one who got cited NOT the owner.

Of course, the manager is supposed to follow the head honcho's orders but is the only one left to pay the price. Well, the manager who was being cited for allowing customers to dine-in was left in tears. Now, does it seem fair for the manager to be the one receiving the citation instead of the owner? In my opinion, I believe it should have been the owner that should have gotten cited. The manager doesn't make decisions about going against the shutdown order and allowing customers to dine-in. The owner is the one that makes vital decisions about following particular guidelines. Pick who you think should have been cited in the poll below.

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