The city of El Paso was recently ranked #33 for the best largest city to live in. You may feel El Paso should be higher up in the ranking while someone else thinks we're good where we are. Then again another someone else can think we should be even lower than our own ranking. Well, I am part of the group that thinks El Paso should be higher up than what we were given from Wallet Hub. Now I believe we were ranked lower due to some probable causes that occurred in El Paso. I have my top four reasons as to why maybe El Paso didn't make the higher cut for the best largest city to live in. Wallet Hub placed El Paso in the 33 place for the best big city to live in. Arlington and Fort Worth placed before us which is kind of surprising for me. Hopefully, in time, we can move on up to a higher spot than what we're at now. Take the poll down below on where you think El Paso should be on this list!

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    Real Cheese served at Chico’s Tacos

    Well well well… The subject that is touchy for some El Pasoan’s since the latest change. Most of you were  pretty disappointed when Chico’s Tacos decided to switch us from the fake cheese to the real thing! You would think we would prefer to have the real deal but not this time around. Even some people have said they noticed a difference in the taste due to the real cheese. Now I feel like this change may be part of the reason we’re not so high up there in the ranking.

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    Possibility of being on Live PD

    Friends I have had discussions with about this show always say they would hate to see themselves on that show. Now of course there would be nothing wrong with being featured on Live PD if it were for a speeding ticket, running a stop sign, or a broken tail light. But it’s a whole different story if it’s for peeing in public, possession, or wearing an outrageous outfit! Now of course El Paso is ALWAYS featured on Live PD every Friday which shows a lot of action that happens here. This could also be part of us being placed 33 spot down from the top.

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    Construction Zones

    El Paso has a lot of construction zones all over that are hazardous for the construction workers and our sanity. Yes, being stuck in traffic due to construction can be killer but not as much to those working in construction. The National Safety Council estimated over 100 construction workers a year are killed in the working zones. In 2008, Texas was ranked number one for top ten states with motorist fatalities in the construction zones. This could also be a possibility for us being lower than other cities that are higher than us.

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    This subject some of us can agree we don’t exactly have the best drivers and I get it, no one is perfect! I have had my share of whoops, my bad accidents when I was in high school and college. Some accidents can be avoided and sometimes they can’t. But there have been some recent events that had us wondering how it happened. Last Thursday one man accidentally hit a bridge that’s over I-10 East and West lanes Downtown. That accident definitely made your route home longer than usual and caused quite the stir up with some. I am glad the man made it out alive from the burning flames and wasn’t seriously injured. Props to the driver for wanting to apologize for the accident when he didn’t even have to.