There are some people in El Paso who can't remember exactly how their senior ditch day went. While others can recall where they went and what they did in El Paso.

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On my senior ditch day, I remember I called myself in and got an excused absence to do whatever I wanted. Obviously, for some teenagers who had strict parents means a full day dedicated to partying.

I do remember the fun times I had on senior ditch day with some friends from Franklin High School. There was quite a crowd of seniors hanging out, listening to music, and discussing graduation.

I definitely couldn't party in Juarez at Derby or Reno's since my dad worked for Immigration then which is now CBP. If I had partied in Juarez on senior ditch day it would have been the end of my social life.

So instead of crossing the border, I chose to spend time with my other friends partying in the desert. Just refer to the photo of my friend Luis and I hanging out in the desert on Senior Ditch Day in 2003.

Veronica G.
Veronica G.

But I am positive not ALL seniors did the same thing as some of us who chose to misbehave. I bet there were seniors who instead of partying used their time off to good use (sorry school). If I had a job while in high school I probably would have asked to pick up a morning shift to make extra cash.

Then you have the seniors who felt the best kind of day off would be to do nothing at home. A few friends of mine preferred to be in bed while binge-watching their favorite shows.

Finally, you have the goody two shoes that wanted an impressive record for college. Those seniors didn't participate in skipping school since they were all about school.

But you also have the other kind of seniors that have fun in an innocent way. This means some seniors either went to the movies, Bob O's/Adventure Zone, or did a little shopping.

This subject has me wondering where you spent your senior ditch day in El Paso. Please share how you spent your senior ditch day on the KLAQ Facebook page or place your vote in the poll below.

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