Concerts in the 915 aren't completely canceled and can be brought to your front yard. Thanks to El Paso Opera they have found a way to bring music to you while using social distancing. El Paso Opera knows how our community has been going through hard times lately. Which is why they decided to bring back concerts in a safe manner. Your neighbors will also be able to enjoy this kind of concert that is arranged outside your front door. El Paso Opera wants to bring music to your ears literally.

El Paso Opera is introducing Curbside Opera that doesn't require you to leave your home. They pull up to your house, someone rings the doorbell, and the singing begins when you step outside. If you would like to send someone a singing-gram to their home, just simply contact El Paso Opera and make a donation. The curbside opera is simply for the enjoyment of music and to lift your spirits. El Paso Opera was determined to find a way to still perform Opera music while following safety guidelines. The El Paso Opera have their performer stand on the bed of a pickup truck while it is parked. When they first tried their curbside opera, they had a round of applause from a few houses on the block.

If you know someone who would appreciate curbside opera you should book now. El Paso Opera wants to spread cheer during these troubled times. They also hope to soon be able to expand their outreach that would include parks, nursing homes, and medical centers. El Paso Opera wanted to give the special gift of music to their deserving community.

Curbside Opera

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