Guess they're running low on money downtown!

Once again, the city of El Paso is offering a break to all you hardened criminals out there!

Not sure if it's out of the kindness of their hearts or if they're just having trouble paying all the City Hall moving expenses but it's on!!

If you have a warrant, all you have to do is pay it!  No late fees or penalties! (and you won't get popped when you show up to pay it either!)  Hurry though, offer ends March 9th!

A few FAQs:

Do I have a warrant? Find out here or here.

Are you sure I won't get arrested when I come in to pay?  According to;

It is not the policy of the Municipal Court to arrest people who visit our courthouse to inquire about their delinquent cases. We encourage everyone to come in voluntarily to resolve their cases.

I already checked and I'm clean!  I did see a few friends on there though. So, if you know me .......