This Sunday, an El Paso tragedy will be highlighted on an episode of Investigation Discovery's "On The Case With Paula Zahn." Investigation Discovery (ID) is a channel known for having lots of programming dedicated to unsolved mysteries and tragic murder cases. One of the channels most popular programs is "On The Case WIth Paula Zahn." On this week's episode of the show, she delves into the murder of a young girl right here in El Paso, Texas. Desiree Wheatley was only 15 years old when she went missing after attending an end of the school year party. While the local law enforcement didn't think much of a young girl going missing at the time, Desiree's mother Marcia knew something was wrong. The show follows Marcia as she shows persistence in finding what happened to her daughter and discovers a serial killer living in the city.

The show features interviews with people living in the city at the time of the murders, experts, law enforcement and more. The show highlights a murder that happened in the city that many may have never knew happened or forgot about long ago. The show is especially important because one of the girls that went missing during that time still hasn't been found. Hopefully from this episode of "On The Case" this family can have some sort of closure or at least more information so they can finally have closure in their life.

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