It's that time of year again so, gather up those toys and shine up those scooters!!

The 35th annual El Paso Motorcycle Coalition Toy Run and Parade is Sunday. Before we go any farther, so you don't miss it, remember to set your clocks BACK one hour Saturday night!  Now, the details:

Registration starts at 9am at International Truck Driving School, 141 Quinella in Sunland Park, near Sunland Park Race Track and Casino. Cost is $10 and a new toy, per person, with a value of at least $5.

The parade rolls at 11:15 a.m to Doniphan, then onto I-10 and over Trans Mountain to Cohen Stadium. There are several places along the route to watch but, the turnouts and picnic areas along Trans Mountain are the best. (Last years parade spanned the entire mountain, with the first bikes entering Cohen while the last were still on I-10!)

You don’t need a motorcycle to participate. Starting at 11am, you can enter Cohen Stadium for $10 (and the toy donation!) to check out all the bikes, the party and enjoy live music from Rewind and Sir Veza. There will also be plenty to eat and drink.

Not feeling the party? Then just drop off donations at Cohen Sunday and skip it! For more info, call (915) 740-9991 or visit the EP Motorcycle Coalition on facebook.

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