Lots of Cities have been mentioned in songs and our beloved El Chuco is no exception!

It's not a rock song, but I can't overlook the first song I ever heard that mentioned El Paso.  (And the one that most people think of first!)  "El Paso" by Marty Robbins.  Not only a legendary song that introduced millions to that "west Texas town", it also introduced folks to Rosas Cantina.  Which still stands to this day, down by The Rio near Sunland Park NM.

Which is where I was when I first heard Kinky Friedmans' "Proud To Be An Asshole From El Paso".  I learned the lyrics to that one by hearing it over and over and over and over again at Rosas one night.  (A drunk soldier thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever heard and must have put about a grand in the damn jukebox to play it. A LOT.)

The first time I remember hearing El Paso referenced in a rock song was courtesy of The Steve Miller Bands' "Take The Money And Run"; his ode to Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue! (They're still running today don't you know??)

One of my favorites is by blues - rocker (and El Pasoan!) Ian Moore who "blinded us with those El Paso lights" in the 90's with "Muddy Jesus".

Johnny Cash went the "wrong way into Juarez" from El Paso and El Chucos very own Cruzados took their "Motorcycle Girl" to Silver City via The Pass.

(Quick side note:  They took their careers far away from here also with members winding up in Social Distortion, and Tarantula.  They ... The Cruzados ... also met the big screen in Road House while Cruzado Tito went on not only to form Tarantula but also to hit hollywood in several films by Quinton Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez!

Here's Tito in "From Dusk Til Dawn" ... If you can stop watching Salma Hayek long enough to notice him.)

Sorry ... got sidetracked there.  Anyway, El Paso has been sung about many times and I'm sure we will be again.  (The area surrounding El Paso to! Even as we speak, I imagine songs about Sierra Blanca are being written by Snoop, Willie and Fionna!!)

As many times as we've been mentioned in songs; I MUST have missed a few.

Which ones did I overlook El Paso??