A video recently popped up that showed a man apparently abandoning his dog in the far east El Paso desert. Police say that wasn't the case ...

According to the El Paso Police Department, what was seen in the video was not actually a case of animal abandonment. Although it seemed that way to many who saw the video on social media.

Some were pretty vocal about their feelings on this, (assumed), dastardly act. The complaints and comments got the attention of EPPD and they tracked down the owner.

When they found him, he had the dog and explained that he's handicapped and unable to walk the dog. For exercise, he goes to the desert and lets the dog chase his car.

EPPD said the dog seemed "active, alert and in good health". They also thanked those that brought the matter to their attention.

The El Paso Police Department appreciates the individuals who contacted the police department and provided information so an official investigation could be conducted. Because of this, investigators were able to obtain all the necessary facts in the events that occurred with this incident and determine that there was no intent by the owner to abandon the canine. No animal cruelty charges will be filed. - KFOX

The explanation didn't sit well with everyone though. I've seen some comments online from people who think the "exercise story" is fake and the owner is just trying to avoid the penalty for dumping his dog.

Personally, I think the cops got this one right. They have a special unit for animal cruelty cases and I know one of the officers on it. They know what to look for and, when people mistreat animals, they don't play.

If you suspect animal abuse, contact them here or call (915) 832-4400. If you would like to help an abandoned or mistreated animal, contact Laws 'N Paws.

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