Tuesday is the last day you have to file your 2013 income tax return and some El Chuco businesses are trying to ease the pain a little!

April 15th, like it or not, that income tax form better be in the mail by midnight.  Hopefully, you'll get a little something back or at least owe nothing.  Most folks though, will be cutting Uncle Sam a check this year.

Whether you have to pay or not, some businesses in the El Paso - Las Cruces area want to brighten your Tuesday!

  • Free curly fries from Arby's!  You'll be able to download the coupon at arby's.com soon.
  • Schlotzskys will hook you up with a small "The Original" sandwich if you buy a soda and some chips!  No coupon necessary.
  • Office Depot will let you shred up to 5 pounds of documents .. all that tax crap maybe? .. for free.  Download that coupon here.

Other businesses throughout The Borderland will also be offering up savings and freebies Tuesday.  If you own or know of one, spread the word on The Q facebook page!