How are you feeling about the news that El Paso is one of the cities to drink treated sewage water? Some love to live by taking risks while others prefer to play it safe. I'm not much of a full-blown pessimistic but having a hard time being optimistic about the news.

I feel like I am gonna have to start managing my budget around a necessity that's free. I plan on being that person that will forever purchase a package of water bottles and gallons. El Paso is making some changes because we're having to find ways to fight climate change. You know El Paso is one of the hottest cities in the country. Hence, why we're known as the Sun City!

The news you heard about El Paso treating sewage water was quite alarming, especially how much our city uses. Do you trust in our Wastewater Treatment Plant enough to drink from the sink? Or do you prefer to take precaution and put some extra cash aside for a package of h2O bottles? Let us know and take the poll below!

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