El Pasoans don't need a drawing to know how complicated some intersections can be. But if you're curious about how complicated they look drawn out for you, then be prepared to be amazed. A Reddit user Ptgorman personally drew out a series of intersections in El Paso that you can see above or below. The Reddit user Ptgorman draws intersections for a living on Barely Maps. You can easily spot out the intersections you’ve despised for so long now. I must say some El Paso intersections would make a great logo for a clothing brand.

The El Paso intersections may look neat on the drawing but in reality a mess to drive around for some. For me, I believe the worst El Paso intersection is Montwood Dr. and Zaragoza Road. The last time I took that route was my last time. I am sure the road work at Montwood Dr. and Zaragoza Road has made things a little more difficult and confuses some driver's direction. It sure happened to me when I hadn’t been out there in so long and then when I do, lanes go different ways now.

Intersections of El Paso from r/ElPaso

There are some intersections that seem better than others during a 9 to 5 time frame. Everyone in El Paso knows the worst kind of traffic you can have is at an intersection. Another Reddit user also mentioned their dislike for the particular area I mentioned just a few sentences ago. I’m not the only one fed up with Montwood Dr. and Zaragoza Road's intersection lately. In the comment section below the display of El Paso intersections, a couple of other Reddit users shared their true feelings for the same intersection I very much dislike. For example, Drivera1210 and Ish_Squatcho had me laughing out loud when I came across their remarks. One intersection you won't see featured that is known to be quite the cluster is near Fox Plaza. Let me know which intersection in El Paso you don't like using in the poll below.

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