An El Paso grocery store set a world record with a butt-load of Pepsi!

Food King at 5514 Alameda set up the "worlds largest packaged product display" by stacking 72,000 cases of Pepsi!

A store in Turkey held the previous record of 16,480 cubic feet.  The Food King homies whooped 'em with a display that came in at 16,689 cubic feet.

Store manager Israel Vasquez told the El Paso Times that trucks started coming in Monday and employees stacked all the cases of Pepsi themselves.

"We had cleared out an area and we just started building later by layer," he said. "Each unit had to be touched by hand, we couldn't use a forklift."

The display was stretched from one end of the store to the other and went almost as high as the ceiling, check it out below! Vasquez hopes to sell off all the Pepsi within the next four weeks.

Thirsty anyone?!

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