If the dismal attendance of UTEP football games isn't enough of an indicator of the sorry state of Miner fandom in El Paso, then the results of this study should drive the point home.

According to data compiled by WalletHub, El Paso is among the Worst Cities for Football Fans, and El Pasoans are among the worst fans in the country when it comes to supporting the local college football team.

The personal finance website looked at the 243 largest cities and towns in America with at least one Division I college or professional football team and ranked them based on 21 metrics ranging from game attendance to ticket prices to number of wins over the last 3 seasons.

When all the numbers were crunched and analyzed, El Paso's scores were as pitiful as the Miners' recent 1-11 win/loss record.

When ranked by population, we placed 43rd out of the 46 largest cities over 300,000 -- that's down from #37 last year. Overall, El Paso was no. 181 nationwide, and 13th out of 16 in Texas.

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