When you love a band, it's hard to pick just one song to listen. That's exactly the case for Linkin Park in El Paso. When we asked on our Facebook, "what's your favorite Linkin Park song?", we've gotten a LOT of responses (some even mentioned about the concert Linkin Park had here back in 2003). So I thought it'd be nice to look through some of those responses; some songs that El Pasoans love to hear from Linkin Park.

Before we get to the big hits, let's see some other songs that people love.

We've seen a lot of love for the Minutes To Midnight album:

  • Sage Flowers, top fan Mark Leach & Francisco Bruno picked "Bleed it Out"
  • Robert Herrera "What I've Done"
  • Alex Valenzuela: "Given Up"
  • Paulina Franco & Adriana Roman: "Leave Out The Rest"
  • Mandie Dawn ""Shadow of the Day". I lost my dad to suicide nearly a year to the day after Chester, He was a big fan of Linkin Park & we'd share songs of theirs to each other often"

Some other songs of note include:

  • Callie Woolfolk: "Iridescenct"
  • Flavio Perez: "Heavy"
  • Zroe Guerrero put in all caps (and I quote): "CASTLE OF GLASS, THE CATALYST, WHAT IVE DONE"
  • Eddie Niklaus Morrison: "New Divide"
  • Edward O'Bregon: "Waiting For The End"
  • Stevan Rivera: "Ironically, my favorite LP song is sung completely by Mike Shinoda. "No Roads Left". Amazing song. "Waiting for the End" is also pretty much tied with it though"

Another popular choice was the very emotional "One More Light". Heriberto Sanchez, Melanie Reeder & Josh Amezaga picked that one. Be warned... make sure you have some tissues ready.

But without a doubt...the most popular choices came from Hybrid Theory & Meteora

It was not surprising to see songs from these albums be picked. I'll mention some of the lesser known songs first though.

  • Jose Moreno: "Session"
  • Jake Rubio: "Don't Stay"
  • Mario Sosa: "A Place For My Head"
  • Joe Paz: "Personally I gotta go with WITH YOU and the collaboration of Chester with Motley Crue with HOME SWEET HOME"
  • Dee Garcia loves In The End & Numb but also gave some love to Carousel.

Some people said the whole albums were amazing start to finish. But without a doubt the most popular picks included Papercut, Numb, Somewhere I Belong, Breaking the Habit, Crawling, Lying From You, One Step Closer.

also the new one Lost received a lot of love.

and of course the most popular LP song amongst El Pasoans is...

In The End

And finally, some people just couldn't choose a favorite

Some of the best responses came from fans who... well they couldn't choose.

  • Vanessa Saucedo said "I love them all!!". Which in my opinion is a great answer.
  • Berenice Ramirez seconds Vanessa's feeling by saying "I don't have a favorite. I like them all".
  • Another top fan, Rick Resendez says "In the end" it doesn't even matter...I won't "leave out all the rest", even on "valentines day" when I feel "numb" and "heavy" like I'm "lost" because people "don't stay" and the come "crawling" back considering "what I've done" going through "roads untraveled" and they live in a "castle of glass" but I haven't "given up" I still see "one more light". I'm just "one step closer" and will eventually find "somewhere I belong". I couldn't have said it better.
  • April Loraine "Too many to name. Love Chester!". So do we April...
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R.I.P. Chester. El Paso loves & misses you. If you want to leave your favorite song, you're more than welcome to see others picks and leave yours on our Facebook.

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