A downtown El Paso fabric store has reopened to the community after they realized they are "essential." As the daughter of a sewer, I know how vital their role is currently to provide basic masks to the public and help the medical community with providing additional PPE for workers. Since "non-essential" businesses have been closed, many stores that sell the supplies needed to make masks are becoming harder to come by. One of those stores that initially closed with the city's order was Telas Rio Bravo in downtown El Paso. According to the El Paso Times, owner Ismael Lozano initially closed but reopened after receiving a call from the El Paso Sheriff's Department looking to make a purchase so they could make masks for law enforcement. Since then, his shop has been implementing curbside service so they can fulfill orders and still social distance. Workers of the store go to customer's cars, get their order, then go back to the shop and fill the orders. This has allowed the large amount of customers the shop has to get their orders safely and in a somewhat orderly fashion.

If you plan on going to Telas Rio Bravo, please park your car and wait for one of the workers to come to you. Telas Rio Bravo is open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Read more about the store reopening and why on the El Paso Times website. Find out more information and store hours on Telas Rio Bravo's Facebook page.


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