There have been people all over the United States receiving packages from China. Most of the people who have received them found it strange since they hadn't ordered anything online. These random packages landing in people's mailboxes contain some mysterious seeds from China. There have already been thousands of Americans who got their seeds. The seeds can cause some serious damage to our environment that can cause severe damage. The State Department of Agriculture is asking you to put the package of seeds into a plastic bag and give them a call. Here are some important tips you can follow if you receive seeds from China:

  • Do not dispose the package or its contents
  • Don't plant the seeds
  • Contact the Department of Agriculture
  • Place the unopened package in a Ziplock bag and seal it

Hopefully, no one in El Paso, Texas receives any mystery seeds from China. But this kind of news topic got my imagination running wild about what the seeds could be. Of course, it would be crazy to think that China would want to share good seeds with us. But imagine if China had some magical seeds that could grow to be something like a killer plant. Being a curious cat, my curiosity began to wander leaving my imagination to run wild. When I saw the news report about these mystery seeds from China, I automatically thought of what the seeds could possibly grow to be. When you see the list below you will be able to tell I let my fantasy go wild.


  • Basileous Productions YouTube
    Basileous Productions YouTube

    Piranha Plant From Super Mario Brothers

    It would be so cool if the mysterious seeds could grow into a piranha plant. The piranha plant is a killer in Super Mario Brothers video games but could be useful at home. People could use the piranha plant as their personal security system for their home. Basileous Productions shows a clip of the piranha plants shooting fire.

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez

    Hellboy's Seed of Destruction

    Another insane in the membrane moment I had about the seeds reminded me of a scene from Hellboy. The seed of destruction in Hellboy was the root of all hell breaking loose. El Paso has survived a lot of things lately and I believe we would be could also survive the seed of destruction. You can see the scene from Hellboy above from MovieClips.

  • Step Animations YouTube
    Step Animations YouTube

    Jack and The Beanstalk

    My final fantasy of what these mysterious seeds could plant would be a beanstalk. Everyone knows the storyline about Jack and the Beanstalk as above from Step Animations YouTube. Although, the beanstalk took you to the hood of an unfriendly giant. But the times we've been having make a beanstalk sound like a piece of cake. Having a beanstalk grow in El Paso would let us escape Covid-19 while enjoying the scenic view.

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