Parents will always go above and beyond when it comes to their kids. But parents will also fight tooth and nail to protect their children as well. As a mom myself, my mama T-Rex side will come out and play if I feel my kid is being threatened.

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If you don't ever want to wake the demon inside a parent, don't mess with their kid.

Every El Paso parent trusts the care a hospital staff provides for their little patients. Some parents didn't go to medical school so they don't know right from wrong with medical procedures.

We do somewhat know the difference between what's normal and what's not at times. For example, after giving birth to my daughter, I left with massive bruises on my arms from incorrect placement of the needles. But I wasn't as bad as one kid had it at a local hospital.

An El Paso woman (who's a concerned aunt) shared a photo she took of her nephew's bloodied arm from his IV. After I saw Elizabeth Martinez's photo, I even gasped. Now, I am no nurse but that my friend is NOT normal whatsoever.

via Elizabeth Martinez
via Elizabeth Martinez

When Elizabeth Martinez confronted the nurse in the pediatric emergency room, she said it is normal. Now, after looking at the picture yourself, wouldn't you expect a better explanation instead of a "it's normal" type of response? But does it look normal to you?

I know times I did bleed out my nurses were quick to clean me up. I am also thankful my nurses didn't just leave me with my blood splattered all over my hand. But I totally get the frustration Elizabeth Martinez was feeling after seeing this.

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