El Paso Dallas Cowboys fans take their team seriously and they don't let anything ... including holiday family gatherings or keeping the Sabbath holy ... interfere.

Growing up, most of my family were Cowboys fans and they could be pretty amusing during or before Dallas Cowboys games.

The Dallas Cowboys have played on Thanksgiving day every year since 1966, (except for '75 and '77), and Cowboys fans ... in my family anyway ... have been arranging the holiday around the game the whole time.

I remember some years, when the game aired around 10am, my Mom and Aunts would be up getting the turkey and other goodies ready at 4am so everyone could eat and watch at the same time.

Or they wouldn't do anything until AFTER the game leaving us all to starve most of the day. Eventually, some non - fan family members learned to cook and a deal was struck that ensured no one starved, nor did anyone miss a play.

My family weren't the only ones to let the Dallas Cowboys dictate the days activities. Game day affected our religious life too. We ... and by "we", I mean the entire congregation ... "religiously" attended the mass scheduled right before the game.

It wasn't to pray for a win, people that didn't even like football opted for that one. Reason being, the Priest was a Cowboys fan and the mass before the game was always the absolute shortest one.

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He didn't want to miss a minute of the action and we, the faithful, were totally fine with getting in and out in under 30 minutes.

Honestly, if it was an especially important game, he sounded like an auctioneer up there.

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