We love a good scary story; we love coming up with plots & characters that'll have a lasting mark on everyone who hears it. And we certainly love coming up with stories that unnerve us...that make us feel uneasy. You've heard many stories but here are some El Paso horror stories (from Creepypastas) that I bet you've never heard of before.

NOTE: These stories are completely fictional & made up; they were designed to scare the readers. Read at your own risk.

The Doll Named Lil Nancy

I don't know about you but... dolls staring at me...scare the hell out of me. Nothing makes me more unsettled than having some creepy doll STARE directly into my soul.


The Doll Named Lil' Nancy follows a paranoid schizophrenic, named Bryan Robertson. A 45 year convicted killer who sits on Death Row from El Paso, Texas. He explains to a doctor at Austin State Hospital about him buying his daughter a doll for her 5th birthday. What happens next...well let's just say...things took a dark turn.

You can read The Doll Named Lil' Nancy here.

Dance With the Devil


Nothing likes to mess around with Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer... THE DEVIL. He's a scary beast who just wants to inflict pain & misery onto everyone he meets. Unless the Devil looks like this...


In that case I'll absolutely do the Waltz, line dance, do The Hussle, or whatever classifies as "dancing" I can come up with (yeah I can't dance).

Sometimes the Devil can be a real person, and it's the case in the story "Dance With the Devil". A beautiful El Paso woman named Raquel who is a massive flirt with any man who gives her the attention she craves.

After finding a nice gentleman, they both dance & Raquel...dances like a woman possessed...

You can read Dance With the Devil here.

I Ejected Out of a Jet Fighter Over El Paso...

Jet Fighter in Sunrise
Alexandre Fernandes

Any pilot who's flown a fighter jet that can you it's an exhilarating feeling. But it can be terrifying if something goes wrong. When something does happen, that's the time to eject before experiencing a fiery demise.

It's not just hoping your ejector seat works that makes it scary...it's also knowing where you land too. This what this story talks about. This one, in my opinion, is the scariest because this one has more elements of reality in it.

You can actually hear the story be narrated down below.

Of course these stories are fictional; they're not real. Obviously something like what was told in those stories could NEVER happen in real life...right?

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