Manny & Juanita Rip it Up St. Patrick's DayManny & Juanita Rip it Up at The Hoppy Monk - El Paso

Posted by Rockabilly Strangers on Friday, March 18, 2016

The dancing duo Manny and Juanita are #relationshipgoals.

The may be have been some wild stories or wild dancing going on all over El Paso on St. Patrick's Day but no one will even come close to the dancing duo Manny and Juanita.

The Las Cruces band Rockabilly Strangers are known for their sound which mixes surf, swing, Americana, blues country and of course rockabilly. During their recent show for St. Patrick's Day at The Hoppy Monk, it was two people in the crowd that caught everyone's attention.

While the band absolutely killed it with Little Richard's 1957 hit "Rip It Up," Manny and Juanita showed everyone how you should properly get down during a show. The dup did dance moves I haven't seen in years but I should probably start doing again because they look that good. Manny was dropping it lower than I think I can. Safe to say I think his quads were sore the next day.

I hope when I get to be Manny and Juanita's age I have half the energy and enthusiasm in my life.