Today, El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar was on the KLAQ Morning show to talk about a whole range of topics affecting El Paso County, downtown El Paso and even Sunland Park, NM.

In this first segment, Judge Escobar talks about the lack of faith in our elected officials.

"I get that people are frustrated, and I try to spread the message that there are good people and hope is on the horizon, but at the same time we deserve who we elected.  People have to make better choices when voting, if your not voting then blame yourself."



She also talks about revitalizing downtown El Paso.

In this next segment, Judge Escobar answers questions from callers about downtown and other issues.

In this final part of the interview, we find out why buzz doesn't vote and Judge Escobar talks about the events that lead up to her swearing in a new county commissioner on Monday.