Back in the day, we would always wish how El Paso had more things to do that didn't involve drinking. Now that we have gotten new additions to our city, we still want more. Remember the times there were rumors going around about El Paso getting a Cheesecake Factory? We also can't forget the one about finally building an In-N-Out Burger. It's 2019 and we haven't stepped foot inside either of the places we thought we were getting. But imagine if our Sun City surprised us by granting only one food chain to be built? Hopefully, you've had both and can be able to decide who will win your vote. Cheesecake Factory's menu has all sorts of tasty treats for your taste buds! But In-N-Out has some delicious mouth-watering burgers and fries. It would take some time for me to decide which food chain I would want in El Paso. Which food chain do you think would benefit El Pasoans if we could have only one? Take the poll below!