A new wrinkle has emerged in the case of two dogs who bit a 3-year-old boy in northeast El Paso, originally not slated for execution, they've now been surrendered to animal services to be euthanized.

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A new report from KFOX14 describes the strange case of a dog attack that occurred in northeast El Paso, the timing of which was unspecified in the report.

One day, home-security camera footage captured a 3-year-old boy, the son of mother Jeron Coleman-Dogra, waving at the next-door neighbor's dogs. That's when the two dogs were able to jump a small wall separating the houses, despite being tied to restraint in their yard, and then attacked the 3-year-old boy.

According to Coleman-Dogra, she is distraught after the attack,

"... I don’t wish this on anybody, I just feel like if your dog is vicious, you should know enough, you should have enough common sense to leave your dog in the backyard because what my son went through, that’s not okay,"

Initially, animal services decided not to put the dogs down but instead asked the owners to quarantine their dogs for 10 days. The boy's mother was upset by the decision,

"They said that they couldn’t do anything, but that I would have to just be okay with the fact that they basically won’t put the dogs down, but that they will have both dogs quarantined for ten days,"

Unexpectedly, El Paso animal services have reversed their decision and decided that the dogs do need to be euthanized.

A terrible story with a strange twist, animal services has yet to provide an explanation for their decision.

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