How many times have you heard people say that El Paso is a small city? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of El Paso city was 677,456 in the year of 2022. Compared to the rest of the state, we rank #6 in the top 10 Texas cities in terms of population. But how does that compare to the rest of the country? Well it turns out that while El Paso, Texas might be smaller compared to some of the bigger cities in Texas, it's actually bigger than some entire states in the whole United States.

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Which states are smaller than El Paso, Texas?

There are over 333 million people living in the entire United States. When comparing El Paso's population numbers to every state, we actually rank higher than at least 2 states in the nation:

  • Wyoming - they are the lowest ranking state in terms of population number. They have a population of at least 581,000.
  • and Vermont -  They have a total population of at least 647,000.
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But there are more states that are smaller compared to El Paso.

As I mentioned before, the population for El Paso city is over 677,000. But the population for El Paso COUNTY is bigger; when considering the other cities in the county like Anthony, Cauntillo, Clint, Fabens,  Fort Bliss, San Elizario & Tornillo... the numbers bring the total population to over 868,000. And that means that there are 2 MORE states smaller than El Paso:

  • Alaska - the entire state population is estimated to be 734,000
  • & North Dakota - their state population is 779,000. It almost beats South Dakota, which is currently bigger with over 910,000 people.

And that's not even considering the changes made every day with people moving to & from El Paso or the unaccounted people in the Census. So it's possible that El Paso could be even bigger than more states in the country.

So next time someone says El Paso is small, now you can tell them "Uhhh no it's not. It's actually pretty big". Now you know that El Paso, as a whole, is bigger than 4 entire states in the whole United States.

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