There is something new on the horizon for rockers all over the Borderland that could make that next concert easier and more convenient to attend.

Live music is cool. Traffic and parking issues aren't cool and drinking and driving are very uncool. Not to mention dangerous and illegal. So, how can these things be avoided? One local live music venue has an answer.

What is a measly $5 extra dollars on your ticket price when it allows you to relax and enjoy your evening to the fullest?

No traffic snarls, no dealing with El Paso's never-ending construction issues, no hunting for parking, and no paying extra for it either.

The Rockhouse Bar & Grill wants to do just that so, they bought a bus that will soon be available to pick you up, get you to the show, and back to your point of origin for $5.

Matteo Martinez told me they hope to get people who can’t get rides, or those coming from Juarez, to the Rockhouse shows via a bunch of pick-up and drop-off spots scattered around the city.

This sounds like a very cool idea. I wonder if other area venues will pick up on this or if perhaps even the city will start a special "events" Sun Metro schedule to help get rockers back 'n forth.  A shuttle back 'n forth between Las Cruces and El Paso would be a really good idea too, allowing peeps to truly enjoy their evening without those pesky issues I mentioned getting in the way.

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