On November 25th, 2021 the annual Thanksgiving parade is back and with a new sponsor! After a year of eating our feelings in a pandemic, Americans seem to be ready to have a somewhat normal holiday season.

For El Pasoans that means the return of the Glasheen, Valles & Inderman Sun Bowl Parade. Tons of floats will line the streets to bring joy to El Pasoans and many families will set up early to take it all in.

One local business is planning to bring their float back in a big way. Not only is this float going to be huge but it is going to be so unique! Their float highlights, Krampus, a folklore character, many El Pasoans may not be familiar with.

Yes, Krampus!

In short, Krampus is part of Austria folklore that is used to scare children into behaving, since Krampus is Santa's scary friend.

If the history of Krampus excites you, then you need to join the Kaleidoscope Art Market to become a Krampus character.

You will have to create your own Krampus costume and be 13 years or older to participate, but you can make this a new Thanksgiving tradition. How great would it be to get all of your family members to dress up as hellish creatures in the morning, then gather around the dinner table at night?

This year, it can be a reality if you decide to take to the streets as a Krampus character. Feel free to reach out to Kaleidoscope Art Market to learn more about the whole process of bringing Krampus to the streets of El Paso.

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