That picture you see if just a tease from Ivan, an El Paso artist who is auctioning off some 'Disney Tribute Art.'

If you need a testimonial about just how good his art is, you can take my word. We have an awesome Up inspired painting, that will soon be joined with an Aladdin piece (called Do You Trust Me) that I purchased in his most recent auction this past Sunday.

You can see the video from this past Sunday's auction below. Fast forward to about 47:20 to see the piece I bought. Dammit, I was not going to be outbid. My wife had her eye on that painting from the first time Ivan posted the picture online.

You can join Ivan this Sunday at 7pm Mountain Time for another auction. I know I will be. Not sure I'll be bidding on anything, but who knows, Ivan never ceases to amaze with what he's able to come up with.

The auction will happen over on his Facebook page which can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Here's another teaser for this Sunday's auction as well.

Ivan Tease 1

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