No matter who you're for, you're probably tired of hearing from or about them. Here's how to shut 'em up on your social media accounts.

Republicans, Democrats, ___ lives matter, Romulans, Imperial forces; all this political crap online is getting tiresome.  These tips will help you stop the digital political onslaught:

Hide Facebook posts. This one's pretty easy, just click the little arrow in the upper right corner of the post and then click "hide post". Or, right below that, click "unfollow".

On Twitter, use the mute feature. (Hell if I could figure out exactly how this one works but, it seems to be a button to the right of the tweet.  (Typing "mute feature" into the Twitter search window gets you this.)

Photo, Twitter Screenshot
Photo, Twitter Screenshot

There are also apps like "Social Fixer" that will stop all this BS or, you can use "Remove All Politics From Facebook".  Twitters tweetdeck lets you filter out keywords associated with anything that annoys you like government, taxes, city council, Kardashian, etc...

Or, 'ya could just log off. That works too!