There are some people who are trying to come up with New Year's resolutions before the New Year hits. But sometimes some of those people have a hard time keeping up with theirs. I am certainly one of those people that get off track from previous New Year's resolutions I have attempted to do.

First off, a lot of us like to work on ourselves physically and mentally when we start a new year. Sure, having a gym membership should push you to go and not waste the money you're paying every month.

So if you're the type to stop going to the gym instead and pay for something you won't continuously use why bother? Instead of paying for a membership let your New Year's resolution be working out outdoors.

For example, once the pandemic started in 2020 I remember seeing tons more people exercising outside than other times before. The Franklin Mountains, McKelligon Canyon, and Hueco Tanks are the perfect spots to explore for some cardio.

Another New Year's resolution some El Pasoans should consider doing should be fewer pendejadas that land you on The Real Fit Fam El Paso. Although, some El Pasoans love to catch someone they know on that local social media outlet.

Plus, I know some people like me who never carry around cash anymore which can be a downer sometimes. The only time it is ever a downer is the day you're in the mood and have a craving for Chico's Tacos. So if you're a fan of the food may be your 2022 New Year's resolution should be to carry cash more often.

One New Year's resolution I have managed to keep up with all these years is shopping locally. Choose which 2022 New Year's resolution you plan on following through in the poll below.

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