'Here comes Peter Cottontail, he's hopping along that bunny trail...' That is what my mom sang to me every Easter throughout my childhood. The Easter Bunny will be hiding those eggs soon and thankfully we are expecting some very nice temperatures that day, sunny and 80 degrees, I am ready!

We are coming up on Easter weekend, where Easter eggs will be dyed, chocolate bunnies will be consumed, ears first, and candy-filled eggs will be hidden. I thought I would share some fun Easter facts with you so you will know a little bit about some of your favorite Easter things!


1. Solid chocolate bunnies are more popular than hollow chocolate bunnies.


2. According to the NRF, the top Easter items Americans are planning on spending money on this year are candy (3.3 billion) gifts (3.8 billion) and food (7.3 billion).

3. Good Friday is not a state holiday in Texas, it is an optional holiday for us. 

4. It is not illegal to wear a bunny costume in public in Texas unless that costume is indecent. Keep it classy bunnies!

5. Cadbury Eggs, those yummy eggs with the goo inside are the most popular Easter candy. 

6. The White House Easter Egg Roll takes place every year on the Monday after Easter where children push decorated hard-boiled eggs across the White House lawn. 

Photo by Gastro Editorial on Unsplash
Photo by Gastro Editorial on Unsplash

7. In the early 1950's it took about 27 hours to make marshmallow Peep candy, (they were created in 1953) today it only takes 6 minutes. We've come a long way with the Peeps!

A happy, safe, and blessed Easter to all this weekend!

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