I told you all about this in a blog earlier this month so, if you didn't get to place your own bid; don't blame me!

An incredible piece of rock history recently went up for auction; the recording console Pink Floyd used to record "Dark Side Of The Moon".  I cleaned out my bank account, gathered up all the change from the sofa and called in a couple of loans to put my bid together.

I put all $307.27 down to score this sucker, then some jerk offered $1,807,500.00.  Seriously! It's one of only two of these particular consoles ever made, it's from Abbey Road studios and was used by Pink Floyd so, yeah ... I can see why the value got up there.

There's another one out there somewhere though and, being that it didn't come from Abbey Road studios or get used by Pink Floyd, it should be WAY cheaper.

It will be mine.

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