What do a popcorn vendor, a drunk fan, his possibly buzzed family, the El Paso Police and the County Sheriff's Departments have in common? Nothing, until the drunk fan doused the popcorn vendor at Southwest University Park Wednesday night.

Then? A lot!

Everybody was gathered at Southwest University Park to watch the soccer friendly (exhibition) between Cd. Juárez Bravos and Club León. But things got decidedly unfriendly in the second half as one fan got out of hand. We're not certain if he targeted the popcorn vendor with a drink, but the vendor did get sloshed by the fan's beer, as you can see at the start of the video.

Soon enough, a very patient officer from the El Paso Police Department comes calling -- polite but firm, urging the fan to get moving without resorting to anything more physical. But the fan wouldn't leave!

Hey, what's so bad about throwing a little beer around, right?!


The fan has certainly seen his share of soccer's classic time-wasting theatrics -- he gets up, looks ready to go, then turns around and sits back down. He gets up again, gives a cheer for his Bravos but then stalls some more! If Bravos ever have a lead and need somebody who can kill some clock in stoppage time, they now know who to call.

Finally, an El Paso County Sheriff's Deputy reaches out to move the fan along and the fan jumps back...which is probably resisting, but even if it isn't is still just more wrong garnished with wrong piled onto a sandwich of wrongness.

A shoving match ensues, one of the fan's family members tries to shield him from the police, then a female family member goes all World Star and throws ANOTHER beer -- at the lawmen!

Makes you wonder what kind of drinking games they play at family parties.

C'mon, now. You know how this ends. Handcuffs and empty seats.

Kudos to the El Paso Police Department, El Paso County Sheriff's Deputies and Southwest University Park security. Drunk and stupid wasn't allowed to turn into something worse.

And the second exhibition featuring Bravos at the ballpark was another success. Over 6,000 fans witnessed an otherwise fun night of soccer as Bravos begin their second season and resume their quest for promotion next month; though León won the match, 2-0.

Great crowd in a great ballpark with cold beer and good times.

Here's to keeping that cold beer in the cup.