Ever got so drunk you forgot where you live? Well, you may have been as drunk as this guy then. If there is anything to learn from this story, always remember to lock your front door. But also always have some way to make sure you make it home to your correct house. One woman in Scotland learned the first lesson the hard way. Last Saturday, Elaine Wedlock posted on Facebook about the "one and only time" she forgot to lock her front door and found an unwanted house guest on her couch. She was heading to bed when she decided to head down to the kitchen to grab a drink and noticed that things inside her fridge seemed out of place. She didn't think much of it and went back to bed. But that's when things got even weirder,

"Then when I got up again heard noises from my tv room thinking it was the dogs!!!  Looked down both dogs (were) beside me. (There was a) total random guy lying on my sofa fast asleep!"

This situation could have been a really scary one, but luckily for Wedlock the man was harmless. She immediately woke him up, and the man began apologizing profusely for ending up on her couch. She then wondered how he ended up in her house in the first place,

"I even asked him if he used to live here, or if he lived on the same street now and had just got the wrong door."

Turns out the man's parents used to live in the home two years prior and in his drunken state had a taxi take him to the wrong house. Once he woke up he realized he still needed a ride home, to his RIGHT home. Wedlock called her husband who came home to drive to the correct house. The guy was still drunk and couldn't remember where he lived so the husband just dropped him off at a supermarket. The woman's post went viral and since there was a happy ending, the woman and man joked about it on social media after. The man wrote the woman on Facebook after her post started going viral to again apologize for his actions.

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