I remember when I first got to be somewhat a part of the KLAQ team in 2004. Back then I was only an intern and learned quite a few things about radio.

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If you have been a loyal listener of KLAQ for years then you should remember the jocks. Some of those names that should ring a bell are Magic Mike, Big Al, Courtney Nelson, Rick Mardi Gras, Jack Lutz, Ray Monroe, Johnnie Walker, Super Mario, David Rios, and Patti from the Morning Show.

Plus, something else I hope you didn't forget about was some familiar songs we played back then. Reminiscing about good old times I had as an intern had me flashback and miss certain songs.

For example, one band I specifically remember I miss hearing on KLAQ played the 2004 KLAQ Balloonfest. If you have a hard time recalling that far back let me refresh your memory with the song below.

Hopefully, you can recall hearing Default being played on KLAQ in 2004. Some great songs from them were "Wasting Time" and "Taking My Life Away" which I miss hearing.

But that isn't the only band I have missed listening to on the Q years back. Another band you should also remember is Better Than Ezra.

One of my absolute favorites that KLAQ played was "Desperately Wanting" but then again I had tons of favorites from them. Another band I must give an honorable mention played the 2005 KLAQ BBQ when it was when Western Playland was still at Ascarate Park.

If that hint wasn't enough I am referring to the band Dark New Day. That band was known for their song "Brother" which tons of you rocked out to at Western Playland.

Well, I wanted to share some songs I remember and miss hearing on KLAQ over the years. Feel free to scroll below and listen to some more of my personal favorites that you haven't heard on KLAQ in years.


Songs You Miss Hearing on KLAQ


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