You can tell Houston is a city of caring residents that jumped in to help a helpless horse on the freeway. One woman and passenger Stephania Lipp started recording this unbelievable sight.

It's not every day that you happen to stroll across a horse running loose on the freeway. These drivers took the problem into their own hands and help this poor horse out of harm's way. You will see one woman sticking half her body out to reach for the reins on the horse. In El Paso, we don't have situations like this on our freeway but could expect it a little outside of El Paso city limits. When you're driving out towards Anthony, that area is where you would probably have a situation like above. Another part of town you could see an unexpected rider would be on Artcraft heading to Santa Teresa.

Hopefully, we won't ever have to hear about this in El Paso but which area could you see something like this happening? Take the poll below!

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