Busy Fast Food Joints

Before Covid-19 wrecked our lives the happening spots were clubs and bars. Since times have changed I have noticed the popular spots changed too. It looks like the hot spots on the weekend are drive-thrus. Seriously though when I was driving home from work this last weekend and noticed drive-thrus were packed. Last Friday after getting gas I had spotted a few fast food joints with a line of cars in drive-thrus. The fast food joints that were busy were Dairy Queen, Sonic, Chik-fil-A, and McDonald's.

So Friday evening I was able to take a picture of just one side of the building with customers. But the other side of the Sonic building was just as packed. Then this past Saturday, my social media newsfeed had complaints about long lines in the drive-thrus. For example, a friend of mine got Bahama Bucks and posted how long the line was on Snapchat. Also, another buddy of mine works at Cinci East and posts pictures of the traffic he deals with leaving work.

It is quite strange to see drive-thrus are the new lively places to be on a Friday night. If I am going to be in any drive-thru on a Friday night it's Chik-fil-A. Choose which bumping drive-thru you will be in line for food this Friday down below.

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