Queens of the Stone Age will be performing at the Abraham Chavez Theatre on February 11th. KLAQ wants to give you a chance to win FREE tickets and dinner! For those of you not afraid to play dress up, this is the contest for you!

We want you lovely listeners to create your own Queen of the Stone Age costume and submit it to Lisa@klaq.com. Your pictures will be displayed on KLAQ.com and the KLAQ Morning Show will announce the winner on air Monday, February 10th.

Now, we don't mean just women dressing up as queens, you just have to dress up as someone from the stone age. Men, if you want to come up with a gorgeous dress, I think that will help your chances to win.

The grand-prize for this contest will be dinner before the show with Lisa and Intern Em from The KLAQ Morning Show and two pair of tickets.

Have fun with this contest and if you need some inspiration, make sure to jam out to some Queens of the Stone Age.

KLAQ Balloonfest