Not enough NOPES in the world for this video. This video comes courtesy of Big Country Snake Removal. The even included a follow up post that said the following.

Hello, friends!

In regards to the video I posted Tuesday from Roby, I thought I’d take a few minutes and talk about a couple of things. For whatever reason, news stations will occasionally pick up one of our videos, and the next thing I know Big Country Snake Removal is plastered on media outlets all around the country. When our videos hit this type of platform, everyone is either an expert on snakes or they’re delusional.

Here are the top 3 most-ridiculous/cliché things people say when our videos go “viral:”

1) “Burn it down” - So, arson is a pretty serious deal. You’re telling me you’d rather flirt with a potential felony because of native wildlife? Ha! Even though I’m the “stupidest blah-blah-blah on earth,” I can still provide you with various solutions that don’t require gasoline or a match. If you decide to go this route, please do it on a calm day so you don’t burn down other people’s things with your ridiculous hoopla. <—— Score! I’ve never used that word in my life....

2) “I’ll bet they don’t have mice” - How much? Just about every home we go under, with or without snakes, has rodents. Why? Well, snakes are ectothermic(cold-blooded) and need relatively consistent heat/UV to digest a meal and keep their metabolism up. So, instead of having to bother with inconsistencies, they go into what’s called “brumation”(think hibernation) during the colder months- Simply put, they aren’t eating this time of year. Instead of food, their bodies metabolize and feed off of fat reserves stored in their tails. Rodents, for the most part, are the furthest thing from a snake’s mind during the winter. Once the snakes begin to egress in the spring, they know where they can be successful feeding and will move into those same areas year after year... The snakes AREN’T under there because of a food source, they’re under there to brumate. So, how much were we betting?

* The picture above with the 2 rats was taken under a home with several dozen rattlesnakes. 😊

3) “These people have got to be the stupidest blah-blah-explicit-blah’s on earth” - Dang, on earth??? That can’t be good.... In all seriousness, I love what I do. I’ve been around snakes and have been learning about snakes since I was 4 years old. I’m in my 30’s now, so if my stupid math is correct, I have about 60 years experience dealing with snakes. 😜 I’m headed out right now to take an IQ test, but I’ll be back soon to answer any questions you might have. Wish me luck!!!

We have a lot more videos coming... Stay tuned....


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