It might happen!

My question is, does the fact that we can mean that we should?

There are a number of ways this could turn out. 

1) It could totally kick ass and be something that is around for years to come; entertaining generations of El Pasoans kind of like Dudley field and The Diablos once did.

2) It could totally kick ass, then after the "new-ness" fades a bit, taper off some (as has happened so many times with new things in El Paso) and lead to games played before hundreds instead of thousands.

3) It could totally kick ass, draw the interest of outsiders who want to buy the team and take it somewhere else and leave us ... again ... in a situation similar to that which The Diablos once went through.

4) It could flop and/or fail to generate all this 'tax money' that's been predicted and sit there empty for a couple of decades and eventually be torn down due to safety concerns.  

I don't mean to be a party pooper but, historically, the city has been pretty good about letting things work out like that.

I'm sure there are other possible scenarios.  My biggest question I guess is; is it worth spending all this money??  We have to pay to tear down City Hall, pay to build the stadium and pay for a new City Hall location.  Not to mention all the "experts" we'll have to hire along with people to do all the freakin enviromental impact studies that will be called for.  

Some families and/or businesses may have to be relocated.

Why not put a fraction of that money into fixing up Cohen Stadium and put the team there?  If it has to be downtown, why tear down City Hall and move it and all the city employees around?  There are other parts of downtown that could be renovated.  At one point in time, there was even talk of moving the railroad yard way out east somewhere.  Why not look at that idea again and put the stadium where the yard is now??

I'm not neccessarily for or against this idea, I'm really still on the fence about it.  I'm not real fond of the idea of spending money to build things when we have empty or half-empty things all over the place already.

Mostly, I want to know what you guys think!  Not just what you think but also; what other ideas you have that would accomplish this same goal. 

Whether you're here in the El Paso area or checking out The Q or from far away, what do you think?   (Maybe those of you outside the borderland are in a city that has already tried something like this. If so, how'd it go?)

Should we? Could we?  Got a better idea?

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