If you've heard of breast implant illness (BII), you most likely know how serious it can be. Rock vocalist Dorothy recently opted to have her implants removed in order to alleviate the symptoms she was experiencing, and she spoke with us to explain why she's urging others to do the same. She also offered a little update on album No. 3.

"I heard about breast implant illness only after making the connection between my deteriorating mental and physical health and having implants myself," the singer explains. "Then one day I woke up and the first thought that popped into my head was, 'Take your implants out!'"

From that point, she started doing research and discovered that countless other women around the world were experiencing a similar phenomena. While Medical News Today states that BII is not yet currently recognized as an official diagnosis by doctors, those who believe to be experiencing the illness report symptoms from chest pain to hair loss to neurological ailments, like depression and problems sleeping.

"Any foreign object lodged into the body can trigger an autoimmune response," Dorothy continues. "It can be all implants, and silicone seems to be the most dangerous. Allergan issued a recall of their textured silicone implants for being linked to anaplastic large cell lymphoma. A friend of a friend of mine now has blood cancer from silicone leaking into her bloodstream."

"Some doctors are [taking action], some deny its existence. I’ve heard of doctors telling patients that it is 'all in their head,' which is, quite frankly, disgusting. All you can do is move on, take your power back and find a doctor who is willing to listen," the rocker implores. She worked with Dr. Ritu Chopra in Beverly Hill, Calif. once she made the decision to have the extraction surgery.

The "Flawless" singer confirms that she immediately felt more clearheaded after having the implants removed. "I do feel better, but the full detox process takes time," she says. "I want to take this opportunity to encourage women (and anyone who identifies as a woman or considering implants) to love their body the way it was given to them."

Watch a video of Dorothy describing her experience post-operation below. She suggests anyone looking for more information on BII to visit this website.

Dorothy spent a bit of time in Nashville, Tenn. this past fall working on the follow-up to 2018's 28 Days in the Valley. "It’s going to rock," she enthuses. "I am currently writing with amazing people like Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin, Stevie Dacanay of Buckcherry, and looking forward to my collaboration with Lzzy fucking Hale!"

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