We've been through a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic but we may now be facing our biggest crisis to date: the Dr Pepper supply is in danger.

2020 has been a very challenging year. We've faced toilet paper, hand sanitizer and wipes shortages along with rising beef prices and being told where we can go and when we can go there. I even had a cotton swab rammed into my brain to make sure I didn't have the freakin' virus. We've handled it all like champs but one thing I'm not prepared to do is to face all this without 2 things: Coors Light and Dr Pepper.

Praise be the Coors Light supply is holding up but we are facing a Dr Pepper shortage. Always being a "hope for the best but, plan for the worst" kinda guy, I learned what we need to mix up our own Dr Pepper.

Simply mix these 23 ingredients together in the proper proportions. Figuring out the proper proportions, I'm afraid, is going to be by trial and error. Let me know how yours comes out and I'll do the same. One of us should eventually find the mix. (The video above will not help at all but, it does offer a slightly different approach.) Anyway, here's what you need:

cola, cherry, licorice, amaretto (almond, vanilla, blackberry, apricot, blackberry, caramel, pepper, anise, sarsaparilla, ginger, molasses, lemon, plum, orange, nutmeg, cardamon, all spice, coriander juniper, birch and prickly ash. - drpepper2010.weebly.com

Does anyone know where the nearest "Prickly Ash" store is??

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