Buzz had a list of things old people do and shared it with us. On the list? Not throwing away a box because... well, it's a really good box! I know, for sure, that I am guilty of doing that! Have you seen the boxes Amazon sends your packages in? They're so good.

While we were having that discussion, Lisa informed me that someone called in and asked if I also keep the glass that the mole sauce comes in; my response was "OF COURSE!"  that's a perfectly good vaso!

joanna barba
joanna barba

You take the sticker off, you wash it real good and boom! A perfect drinking glass! Yes, it's a bit on the smaller side, but it makes the perfect cocktail glass- ask my friends who always compliment my glasses during dinner parties- surprise, it's the mole glass!

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While laughing about the fact that someone else out there pointed out my drinking glasses were actually mole glasses it got me thinking about other things we reuse. I didn't have to look too far to get my answer.

So many of us can relate to the heartache we felt when we just wanted some cookies and instead found needles and thread in that tin!

If you look around your house, I'm sure we all see these exact things: the cookie tin with the needles and thread, the butter container that holds our favorite salsa, the bags from Walmart or Target that we stuff with more bags in case we need them; and of course, the mole glasses.

So next time, don't throw out that perfectly good box, or the mole glass, the cookie tin or the butter container or the grocery bags because they are most definitely reusable!

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