Local nonprofit Laws N Paws need your help to help out 2 dogs that are the victims of a severe animal starvation case. Laws N Paws is a local, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to help neglected and abused animals in the Borderland. The dog rescue helps:
  • Rescue and adopt abused and neglected animals
  • Educate the community on humane treatment of animals and long-term commitment
  • Reduce the overpopulation of animals through spay and neuter programs
  • Encourage the public to report animal abuse
  • Assist the El Paso Police with collecting, documenting, and preserving evidence for the prosecution of cases and
  • Find loving forever homes for animals in need
Currently, Laws N Paws is helping out a pair of female dogs who are the victims of severe neglect and starvation. Odessa and her sister Christy were both rescued after spending much of their young life going hungry. The dogs are believed to be two to three years old and did what they could to try and survive.
Christy from Laws N Paws
Odessa from Laws N Paws
According to the rescuer, Odessa was so hungry she did whatever she could to survive, at times eating plastic bags and rocks to try and fill up her stomach. Unfortunately, the lab mix now has an obstruction in her stomach due to the foreign objects in her body. Odessa may have to now have surgery to remove the objects from her body.
Odessa from Laws N Paws
Laws N Paws is now asking the community for help fundraising so they can give Odessa the life-changing surgery she needs. Once she has the surgery, the rescue can then work on helping bring her to a normal weight and recover physically and emotionally from her ordeal. Any assistance that you can give to help sweet Odessa is so appreciated.
Donations may be made via PayPal, Cash app with the username $LawNPaws, or through Facebook. You can also donate directly to East El Paso Animal Hospital, located at 3370 Wedgewood. You can also call East El Paso Animal Hospital at (915) 593-1712.
Find out more information on Laws N Paws and how you can support them by going to the Laws N Paws website, Facebook page, and Instagram page.
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