You're bound to see our local Trump caravan when you drive around N. Mesa Street near Mesa Hills on the weekend. A local photographer, Ivan Aguirre caught some of the action while flowing through the traffic.

While Ivan was out and about over the weekend he got caught in the Trump train driving around El Paso. He shared the videos on his Twitter and even mentioned he may follow to see where they end up.

I thought once they tallied up the votes to announce the new President would mean no more rallies. Well, apparently not.

Local Trump supporters made it known again about who they will always be in favor of for President of the United States.

I honestly didn't think I would hear about another Trump train of vehicles waving their flags.

Well, Ivan Aguirre caught the Donald Trump caravan rolling through the Westside of town. The Trump caravan got a perfect start to their 2021 by driving around waving their Trump flag with pride.

It got me wondering why I haven't ever seen El Pasoans riding along with Biden flags. I was taken off guard when I came across Ivan's video of the cars parading around with their Trump flags.

I am curious which rally you've come across since the election ended last year in the poll below.

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