Perhaps Budweiser really is the "King of Beers."  The brand is leading the list of favorite beers in a new Rasmussen Reports poll, with 25-percent saying Bud is their beer or choice.  Miller takes second place as the favorite of 19-percent.  Sam Adams trails in third place, with seven-percent of those polled saying it's the brand of beer they prefer.  Fewer than five-percent of respondents are big fans of Coors, Heineken, Corona, Pabst, or Guinness.  Americans have a decided preference for domestic brews.  Nearly 70-percent say they like American beers better than imports, while 22-percent have a preference for the foreign flavors.  But when it comes to picking a regular or a light beer, the public is split.  While 49-percent favor light beers, 46-percent want a regular.  Most beer drinkers stay in to enjoy the beverage.  While 38-percent say they'll go out to a bar or restaurant for a beer, 51-percent are more likely to crack open a can at home.