There are very few teams in professional sports with the kind of passionate fans the Los Angeles Dodgers have.

I'm talking about the true, bleed blue fans, those that name the entire roster, and can tell you the prospects in the farm clubs.

I've gone to see DiamondBack games in Phoenix and have seen 3/4 of the stadium in Dodger blue.

It has been since 1988, since their last world series title and have had the team on multiple occasions to win another since then. Especially, with this years team which had the largest salary in the league and players that could rival an all-star team.

However, that all being said the dodgers continue to fail to win another world series.

in Game Three of the National League Division Series at Busch Stadium on October 6, 2014 in St Louis, Missouri.

Now, I'm not saying the Dodgers suck or anything. Just in my Opinion they might be the biggest let down to their fans in all professional sports.

Cowboys might be a close second though, Just ask Mando.