If you have ever worked for tips you know that getting a small tip is horrible but getting your tips stolen worse. You work so hard and in many cases you don't get minimum wage but a low hourly wage that supposedly will made better by the tips you get. People who have never worked at a job like that don't understand how important tips are. That's why it's important to catch people like the guy in the video below who would steal someone's hard earned tips.

A lot of people in the comments said that we don't know the story of the man who stole the tip jar and that he might have needed to because he didn't have any money of his own or might have been afraid to ask for help. Ok, that sounds like a plausible possibility but for real, is that really the best course of action? If he gets caught there are likely going to be charges brought against him. Why didn't he ask for help? Why didn't he say he was hungry and needed some food? Why didn't he ask for a job? Why did he just swipe the tips and the entire jar for heaven's sake?


It's all well and good to say the guy might have been starving and that's why he stole the tip jar but realistically, if you or your spouse or your child was the one who lost their day's tips would you be saying that? You would probably want this guy caught so if you know anything about him you should call the El Paso Police Department.

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