Listening to the radio has a few perks which one specific perk is the free stuff you can win when you listen. I have always loved listening to the radio since I was younger and would constantly listen just to hear my shout out. Not only would I listen to the radio for my shout out but also for the free stuff that would be up for grabs.

Everyone loves listening to the radio to either catch us drop an F-bomb, which I try REALLY hard to avoid doing. Another reason is hearing about upcoming events we have in the future especially concerts rolling through El Paso and Las Cruces. One of the main reasons people listen to the radio is to win some free stuff that we're giving away.

Now when you're listening to the radio, where do you usually listen to the radio? I know I have gone into certain stores, gas stations, and even heard the car next to me listening to the radio. Now with some of my chick friends, they would prefer to listen to a hip-hop station on the weekend to pump us up for the party night ahead. Not only would they listen in the car to help us get in party mode but also for the free tickets that were up for grabs.

Celebrate with us on National Radio Day today by listening to the Q!

Let us know in the poll down below on whether you listen to us at work, in your car, or at home.

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