Bats have a bad reputation but, they're actually really clean and do us a HUGE favor by eating millions of insects and pollinating flowers.

Even though they pose no significant threat to us, there is one species that's pretty damn intimidating, the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox Bat. These suckers weigh around 4 pounds and have a wingspan well over 5 feet! (Don't worry, they live in the Philippines.)

The coolest way to celebrate Bat Appreciation Day would be by catching the nightly bat flight out of Carlsbad Caverns. There's no set date for them to start their nightly hunting trips but, they happen from April - October. The flights occur at sunset and really start getting massive after Memorial Day. For more info, call (575) 236 - 1374 or click here.

They Carlsbad bats have a huge cave to live in but, the largest bat colony in North America lives under a freakin' bridge. An estimated 1,500,000 bats "hang out" under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin..

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